Doyle Drive Replacement Project — The South Approach to the Golden Gate Bridge: Pendergast has been selected by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) to serve as project managers of the $1.045 Billion, ARRA-funded, Doyle Drive Replacement Project’s Small, Disadvantaged and Under-Utilized Business Participation Program. The Pendergast Consulting Group is providing construction management services in relation to contract opportunity detection, database development and information acquisition, outreach/education services, monitoring, tracking and reporting services in order to achieve outstanding participation results on this mega-project which is comprised of eight major contracts. Small Business Participation figures currently stand at 87% for Contract #1 (Historic Building Restoration and Stabilization, Drilling, Urban Logging) and 38% for Contract #2 (Utility Relocation). Pendergast has achieved UDBE participation rates for contracts #3 (Viaduct Construction) and #4 (Tunneling) that are upwards of 312% above the average participation rates on ARRA-funded projects throughout California.

California Air Resources Board — Office of Climate Control: Pendergast has been contracted by the ARB’s Office of Climate Control to produce a three-year, statewide outreach, education and mobilization campaign to the approximately 3 million small businesses in California to reduce green house gas emissions. Pendergast has developed a landmark mobilization campaign currently in production entitled “The Biggest Reducer” scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2011. Pendergast has been tasked with conducting research, database development, workshops, collateral materials development and presentations to key business organizations and leaders as part of their contract.

State of California’s $20B Infrastructure Bond Programs: Pendergast has been selected by the California Department of General Services (DGS) to serve as Project Managers of a system-wide coordination program to develop and manage Small Business and DVBE participation programs within the State of California’s historic Infrastructure Bond Programs. Pendergast’s contract with DGS includes integration and coordination of specific activities with the Business Transportation & Housing Agency, Department of Water Resources, and the Resources Agency. Pendergast is developing and overseeing strategies to increase small business participation and ensure that approximately $5 Billion (or 25%) of all bond-related contracts are awarded to businesses with 100 or fewer employees. Under this contract, Pendergast works in tandem with the contract opportunity programs of numerous Regional and County procurement programs who are beneficiaries of Bond monies to increase participation strategies.

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (SFOBB) Seismic Safety Program — Small Business Program: Pendergast was the first consultant agency specializing in Small Business Participation Programs retained by Caltrans/Toll Bridge Program to develop a comprehensive Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) outreach program for the SFOBB Project. Pendergast developed the program, in tandem with SFOBB Program Staff, to include Contract Opportunity Detection, Outreach and Analysis Strategies, Database Development and Management, Information Acquisition, Events, Web Site Development, Prime/Subcontractor Partnering Workshops, Reporting, Tracking, Monitoring, Media Outreach, Advertisement/Media Planning and Buying, Verification of SB/DVBE Certification Status, SB/DVBE Certification Assistance and Training, Multi-Level Stakeholder Interaction for the Oakland Touchdown Contract 1 which achieved outstanding results leading to a reported overall Small Business and DVBE Participation level of 26% of the overall value of the contract which was $178 million. This participation milestone was enormously significant because it marked the first time a construction contract within the SFOBB Project achieved over 2.5% Small Business and DVBE participation. Pendergast was key to developing the outreach model currently being used today whereby upcoming contracts are analyzed for potential Small Business/DVBE opportunities, those opportunities are ‘called out’ as potential opportunities in bid documents and pre-bid meetings, specific vendor communities are outreached to, take part in partnering workshops, teaming arrangements are facilitated and the successful contractors are monitored and tracked to ensure successful completion of the projects on time, on budget and safely.

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Seismic Safety Program — Project Management Contract: Pendergast has been selected by HNTB Corporation to serve as a Subconsultant on the seven year Program Management contract for the SFOBB program. Pendergast has been tapped under this contract to develop unique and viable contracting strategies directly targeting Prime Contractors on the SFOBB Project and the Dumbarton Bridge Seismic Safety Program. Pendergast successfully developed the Prime Transportation Infrastructure Program (known as PTIP) which serves to address the unique needs of Primes as it relates to increasing their SB/DVBE participation in regard to risk mitigation, financial burden, and compensation.

Caltrans Calmentor Program: Pendergast has twice been selected by Caltrans to serve as project managers for the Calmentor Program in District 4 (San Francisco Bay Area). This landmark mentor-protégé program teams large/well-established contractors and consultants with qualified small businesses in order to provide increased access to Caltrans contracting opportunities as well as contracting opportunities throughout California and the Bay Area. Services include strategic communications consulting, event production, materials development, key stakeholder interaction, tracking and monitoring of the program. Pendergast was instrumental in the development of the Mentor Protégé Program for construction companies as well. Working with Caltrans, AGC and the vendor community, Pendergast integrated both the Calmentor Program (A&E focused) and the Mentor Protégé Program (Construction focused) into the May 22, 2009 Annual Meeting on Treasure Island which was attended by approximately 275 guests and included the participation of 26 local, regional and statewide public agencies. Pendergast developed educational training programs focused on FAR Regulation Compliance, Audit Preparation, Business Development Toolkits for SB/DVBE/DBE/UDBEs and keynote presentations for Caltrans Director Will Kempton, Agency Secretary Dale Bonner and others.

California Strategic Sourcing Initiative: Pendergast lead activities to conduct numerous environment assessments, internal stakeholder trainings, multi-stakeholder outreach services which included events, materials development, brand/concept awareness and executive level presentations for Governor Schwarzenegger’s robust procurement program which literally changed the face of procurement in California. Prior to Pendergast arrival to the project, the Small Business and DVBE participation rates were near 0%. Pendergast’s Program, in tandem with DGS senior staff members, raised participation levels to near 20% on IT Procurement Contracts, 18% on MRO-relates contracts and a staggering 98% on the Office Supplies Contract. It was in this contract that Pendergast developed the ‘Partnering Workshop’ concept whereby Potential Prime Contractors for the strategically sourced contracts met directly with potential sub consultants. Each sub consultant was allowed to meet directly with a potential prime in a protected setting whereby they could establish the beginning of a productive relationship built on the mutual needs and skill sets of particular businesses. This model was later implemented on the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge Project to great success and has now been used in pre-bid meetings for the Doyle Drive Replacement Project.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Small Business Economic Summits: Pendergast was contracted by DGS to lead efforts to produce a series of five ground breaking economic empowerment events whose purpose was to engage Small Businesses and DVBEs in the procurement process as well as increase Small Business/DVBE certifications. Pendergast lead his team of seasoned communication experts to produce events in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Fresno and Sacramento. These events were outstandingly effective in forming ‘partnerships’ with local business-related organizations in both the public and private sectors to boost participation levels. Scope of work items included environmental assessments, assessment summary/reporting, internal stakeholder training, multi-stakeholder outreach, event planning/production, materials development, brand and concept development strategies, sponsor programs, film and video production, qualitative market research and reporting and executive level presentations

Governor Gray Davis’ Statewide Small Business Economic Summits: Pendergast produced a series of large-scale events throughout California as a physical manifestation of the Governor’s Executive Order D-46-01. Under this contract, Pendergast lead activities to create environmental assessments, assessment summary/reporting, internal stakeholder training, multi-stakeholder outreach, event planning/production, materials development, brand and concept development strategies, sponsor programs, film and video production, qualitative market research and reporting and executive level presentations.

California Small Business Certification Program: Pendergast was contracted by the Department of General Services in 2002 through 2005 to institute a system-wide reengineering of the State’s Small Business Certification Program. When Pendergast began this contract there were under 6,000 certified small businesses in the State of California. Upon the completion of this contract there were 15,264 certified small businesses, a record achievement for California, DGS and Pendergast. This contract entailed extensive change management strategies, meetings with the Governor’s Cabinet members, presentations, strategic planning, program roll-out and extensive outreach, monthly monitoring/tracking and progress reports, event Interaction, advertising campaign development and video production.

California Recycled Products Trade Show. Pendergast was tapped to develop and implement the first-ever Small Businesses outreach campaign for the California Recycled Products Trade Show which was a joint effort between Cal-EPA and the Department of General Services. The event was held at Disneyland in April of 2003. Pendergast’s specific role was to develop, and outreach to, small businesses throughout California that provide recycled products. Information acquisition, database development, collateral materials development, and on-site event management were all part of Pendergast’s scope of services.

San Francisco Small Business Economic Summit — March 1999 and September 2001. Pendergast was contracted by the City of San Francisco/Mayor’s Office of Economic Development (Kofi Bonner, Director) to serve as the program manager of the first-ever Small Business Economic Summits. A direct result of the 1999 Summit was the creation of the Office of Small Business and the Small Business Commission which serves as the focal point for all small business policy for the City/County of San Francisco. Pendergast’s approach included an exhaustive series of multi-lingual, multi-cultural outreach programs and events leading to over 200 diverse small business community stakeholders being invited to each of the Summits. The unique summit format included working groups whereby small business leaders worked in tandem with key city/county department heads to develop short and long term policy agendas in which to enhance the economic development capacity of the city’s vibrant small business economies.

Los Angeles County Small Business Summit — April 2002. Based on the success of the San Francisco Small Business Summits, Pendergast was retained by Los Angeles County to produce a Small Business Summit in downtown Los Angeles. Policy and procurement goals were the direct result of the Summit.

Waste Tire Manifest Outreach and Education Program to California’s Small Businesses — 2003. Pendergast won a contract to provide outreach, education and monitoring services to the Integrated Waste Management Board of the State of California to support the mandatory compliance of the Waste Tire Manifest Program. Pendergast produced a multi-lingual statewide campaign to educate small business owners regarding the program, compliance issues, monitoring, tracking and reporting.